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just a recommendation… the book ‘I is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and how it Shapes the Way we see The World’ by James Geary is a very good read.
Metaphors never came too easy for me so i had to work at it a bit…Metaphors and Butterflies was a great start but i have always been on the look out for more stepping stones…and often you have to read 3 books before you get to one that really does the business.
well this one gets in there and does the business. A great support to your practice
10 dollars to download on kindle. it gives a very good understanding of the metaphors of submodality (time distance position etc). It also gives a sense of what is going on with deep thinking and meaning making when a metaphor is created and interpreted. It explains synesthesia and,  all in all, can broaden your use and flexibility with metaphors. And it is a much easier read than George Lakoff and Johnson.
yours anekant

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