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Perceptual Positions
Posted: 13 March 2013 09:37 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Here I’m looking for information about Perceptual positions as practiced in the New Code. I find it interesting to practice using a third position when I am unmotivated, the conversation has a structure that can move from repeating myself and reaching the same conclusion, to actually getting somewhere, but I don’t know what I am doing. I wonder what evaluative standards are proposed in the New Code as broadly applicable to internal dialog. Quiet? Is that one of them?

I hope someone can provide me some information about this.


Also the perceptual positions model (not triple description), how is this used formally, or introduced in training? I’ve heard and read so little about it’s practical application in NLP. It occurs to me that some internal conversation is an attempt at a perceptual position, or can any monologue or dialog be framed as a perceptual position? Can I have a “you blah blah blah” conversation in which I tell myself about how I think as a mouse looking at a piece of cheese, versus a lawyer, versus…, that seems unnecessary.

Also, isn’t a two-part internal conversation, self and 3rd position, a common and useful form of thought? Is getting that “clean” part of thinking about people I talk to or with, or is the “clean” concept only relevant to triple description, specifically during an actual interaction with a real person? The cleanliness of it might be the distinct auditory and visual difference of that experience from another one, as Whispering In The Wind says, “3rd is a variable” just be clear about the context that is aware of.

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