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bridging new code and classic styles
Posted: 20 December 2012 10:04 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I am a new code trainer and practitioner. I really like the concept behind the new code approach…it is clean, intelligent and leaves no trace (does not recondition people and has some similarities to the meditative therapies of osho). After my trainings I was hesitant to change my practice, which had quite a lot of conscious content to a session of finger signals and a new code game. However I tried it and found that for one reason or another I got mixed results…sometimes good sometimes not (possibly a result of my own level of competency). And mixed results is not quite what I wanted in a practice where I might only see someone for one session and i need to make an impression. i want to be up in the 90% effectiveness range. I felt more sure in the tried and tested areas i had developed over the years.

So I started to do a few things.
At first I started to work more and more at the level of intention and now I rarely do a session without this (even though I realise it may not always be necessary). Next although I worked at a conscious level there were many suggestions for the unconscious to do its own work and to present the results at a conscious level when the time was right (this was based on the example in whispering in the wind of the girl in the train who had work done at the unconscious level but over time processed it consciously) . As time went by I started to add the games and the high performance state as part of a much bigger session that would often include more classic code stuff( I usually take 1 and half to 2 hours per session)

I found this worked quite well as a bridge. I feel that for many clients the content work, which can sometimes be laborious and sometimes not, acts as a form of convincer (to myself as well). This is especially true for the clients schooled in the freudian based approaches and derivitives who really seem to need to get something at a conscious level ... even if it is only some form of abreaction, strong feeling or causal relationship. Because the changes that result from a good nlp session can often be natural and unsensational even to the extent that the client may not relate the benefits to the actual session or fully notice them. This does not always help attract clients or keep them.
What I tend to do now is add more and more games to my current style in a session. This form of overlap has worked well for me and for the differing range of clients and their needs. I also find myself using the new code work more with returning clients rather than first timers. This post is offered as a personal experience of how I have learnt to incorporate or use the new code…I am sure there are many other possibilities.
yours anekant

This gradual incorporation of new code has been an effective way of doing things

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