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Posted: 03 December 2012 01:57 PM   [ Ignore ]
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One of the main reasons I got into NLP in the first place was to help solve many of my own personal problems that keep me from achieving what I want in life. Since then I’ve become a certified practitioner and do lots of reading besides. So I’ve tried over the years to use many of the techniques I have learned on myself, but I have had little to no results, and I was wondering what advice I might find on fixing this problem. To be more specific, I can often figure out what techniques would most likely be best to use for any particular issue, just as they were for someone else with the same problem. However, when I try to do them on myself, at some point I lose focus and my mind begins to wander, I can’t stay on track. It’s like my mind getting fuzzy or tired. I’ve tried to figure out a positive intention to this to try and solve it, but can’t seem to find one. It seems to me that perhaps the best state to be doing NLP techniques is not the best state to be affecting change in, which would be why we use facilitators. But I’m hoping that this is just a limiting belief itself, and perhaps there is some modification to the techniques or ‘trick’ I can learn that will help me. It’s frustrating because I feel like I have a huge well of potential in what I can accomplish with my life and it’s all being walled up like a water dam. If I could find a facilitator that I could afford I’d be set too, but that hasn’t happened yet either. So I am trying to investigate ways on solving these problems myself, and hope someone out here on the Internet can help me. Thanks!

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