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swish pattern video
Posted: 30 November 2012 09:05 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I have just watched the video of Michael talking about the limitations of the swish pattern
Before I start I would like to say that I enjoy the newsletters and often find something stimulating or something that will nudge me on a bit ... so thanks and keep them coming.
I would offer some points to this discussion. The first is we dont really know from the description what exactly the outcome picture was in this case. Michael says that it was a clear outcome image and that it should be logically sequential ... at the same logical level. My question is: is this really necessary in the swish… surely it is the stepping out of the logical level that will increase the generative effect…stepping into a higher level outcome will increase the ability of the unconscious mind to respond with greater freedom….so in effect you swish from one level to another ...not from one behaviour to a similar class of behaviour.
I have always made sure that the outcome picture holds the positive intention of the cue image (behaviour or whatever)...and by positive intention I mean building and anchoring these states to quite a high level and including all the levels involved(excluding the behaviour) Eg. cracking knuckles releases tension- relaxation - peace - wellbeing - being present in the moment
The act of anchoring and accessing these states in preparation for the swish goes a long way to building the effectiveness of the swish itself.
Although this does not hand over the response fully to the unconscious (unlike a new code game) it does go a long way towards that (and these positive intentions are usually held at the unconscious level…people rarely know consciously what the positive intentions of unwanted behaviours are…because they are so caught up at the level of behaviour ...so in this sense it is an unconscious choice that has been made conscious)
So they have moved from behaviour to state which frees them up to respond in many different ways….and because these states are their own values (albeit unlived or unaccessed ones)then there is a greater sense of congruency and ecology. Also because they are unlived and desired values then there is also a motivational factor…they will be super driven into the outcome because they have been wanting this (and usually not getting it) for some time.
In the book Using your Brain it says ‘Create outcome picture. “Now create a second image of
how you would see yourself differently if you had already accom- plished the desired change.’ (this is actually quite vague as to levels and as such gives some freedom to the unconscious)......It does not say about positive intention. In the trainings that I did at the nlp academy the positive intention WAS part of the outcome image.
Although I rarely do the swish as formatted it is very useful to think about it and review it all ...so thanks for the opportunity…........
Also thanks to Michael John and Carmen for everything I got from the trainings
yours anekant

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