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Open letter to John Grinder.
Posted: 08 April 2010 06:16 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I have met some great men and women in my time, but you are one hell of a special man.

The day day before our final exams, I did a Buddhist meditation/contemplation and the picture of one of my co-students came up, Elias. Elias had told me about his 19 month old daughter. I saw how she would have a better life because her father went to Croydon. How she would have more choices because her father went to Croydon. How she probably would marry a better man because her father went to Croydon. And how she would be a better mother because her father went to Croydon. Having happier children because her father went to Croydon.

And I suddenly realized Carmen, Michael and you were throwing in 50, 60 stones in a pond in Croydon, which created ripples that turn into more ripples that eventually turn into a tsunami of change. You do not touch the lives of 50, 60 people, but of tens and even hundreds of thousands of lives. And that far into the future.

And I had to think about Richard Bandler and you. How you guys started this whole NLP movement. The professor and the student. Captain Fantastic and the the Brown Dirt Cowboy. The Captain & The Kid. And how your energy, work and genius have touched so many lives and lives to come. And how you, your beautiful woman Carmen and Master Michael are continuing the work and keep on doing it for times to come.

And I knew I only had to do one thing.

Bow in the deepest respect any man can give his fellow man.

If it is true what the Jewish Tora says, that saving one life is saving the world entire, you, Richard, Carmen and Michael have saved universes.

I honor you, my friend!

You are deep in my heart.

Eric Bartels

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