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Posted: 28 March 2010 03:07 PM   [ Ignore ]
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What an incredible and unforgettable experience it was!

I loved every minute of it and can’t thank you enough for such a great opportunity. It was a privilege to see, hear, feel and learn from the Father of NLP himself - John Grinder.
His charisma, greatness and at the same time down to earth approach is totally mesmerising. The connection between him and the group was incredible.

Carmen Bostic St. Clair was absolutely fabulous! Her stories and exercises were so much fun and at the same time so touching.

And Michael .. how can I not mention our Michael?! He is simply dynamite! So full of energy and desire to give.

Last but not least, all our mentors and trainers. I take my hat off for your support and dedication throughout the course. Thank you.
Thirteen days that changed my world.

P.S How can anybody forget the famous ice-bucket?! Icing on the cake. smile

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