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A more in depth review (Master Practitioner - Summer 2012)
Posted: 15 September 2012 11:59 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Following the last review I wrote about the Master Prac. I felt that a more in depth review was in order due to the slight vagueness of the last.

The training lasted 2 weeks and was challenging and impressive. The Master Prac. is only for those that are serious about utilising NLP in their profession. Given the time frame, it is packed with a whole plethora of material and requires stamina. Anything that I was unsure about in the ‘premier practitioner’ course was cleared up in this 2 weeks.

I met such a variety of people and the change I saw in the demonstration subjects was so brilliant and moving that tears were shed by many - I kid you not.

The details of the course content are on this website so I won’t go into that but I will tell you that the training is inductive (you practise being the agent of change as well as the changee) and that there was a whole lot more than expected.

Not only did Michael Carroll organise a brilliant and extremely helpful ‘skill booster’ session prior to the beginning of the course but he joined us for lunch everyday, during the 2 weeks, to focus on what we wanted, as a group and individually, to learn to become successful. I found the lunch time sessions extremely helpful.

And to top that he organised multiple sessions in the evenings too!

The energy that Michael provided for this successful course was on another level and done with professionalism, care and a healthy dose of humour.

I haven’t met or heard of any trainers/teachers currently that provide this level of personal commitment to their students.

As well as Michael, the NLP academy is supported by Jack and Carl who promote a hospitable environment and are happy to answer any queries.

Brilliant stuff.

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can you plz describe me little clearly.

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