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Board-breaking Fantastic!
Posted: 04 February 2010 01:25 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Thanks to all the guys at the NLP Academy for a great night last night.

I loved the way the session was structured.

When asked who was ready to break the board at the start of the evening, only a few hands went up.

After the artful weaving of metaphors by Michael, the number of hands gradually increased until there was a passionate"YES” from everyone present, who couldn’t wait to smash their goals and limiting beliefs using their new found focus, speed and channelled energy…And it all finished on time. Amazing!

I particularly loved the explanation of how each exercise was a metaphor for life and that the actual board break was nothing to do with breaking the board. This especially resonated with me.

The only downfall for me was the fact that I live a good hours drive away, otherwise I would have loved to have joined you all in the pub.
Once again, congratulations and a big thanks.


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