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Bad Habits
Posted: 15 August 2012 09:21 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi Dears ,
I have heard a simple technique about removing or stopping bad habits from one of my friends
he says that he is the first one who has created this technique
i want to expalin this simple technique for you to see if it is a NEW technique or it’s not a new technique , and it existed before this time in NLP techniques lists.

the technique is this : if for exapmle you want to quit overeating , or stop smoking or any other habit , instead of doing that habit in reality , imagine that you are doing it in your mind and enjoy , after finishing this step , jump to for example 1 hour later in your mind , imagine you’ve spend 1 hour , and now you don’t have any feeling and lust about doning that habit because you’ve done it in your mind , you have enjoyed it and then you have passed the time in your mind to the time that you are relax , normal ( the time that you don’t have longing to doing that habit anymore)

please tell me any history or same technique in NLP or ...
, or if you think this technique will work or will not work
please discuss about it.
thank you

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