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Understanding the “direction” your feelings are moving in.
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I have read Richard Bandler’s recent book “Get the Life you Want”, and in his discussion on submodalities and understanding the “direction” your feelings move in, can help you expand and contract these feelings to gain better control over the areas in life you would like to improve upon. I would like to know of any “drills” or “exercises” that can help me discover these directions he speaks of. I haven’t gotten this figured out yet. I feel all sensations in my brain, as the brain generates and controls all feelings and sensations.

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Think of a time where you really notice your submodalities .

- Happiness, Fear whatever is easiest for you.

For example when I used to have a fear of public speaking I would have a sharp sensation in my solar plexus, shallow breathing and a lump in my throat amongst other feelings, these were the main one’s that I noticed.

And then have a play, can you make them more intense, less intense, move them around to other parts of your body, spin them ect….

You say you can feel the sensations in your brain, can you make them stonger, weaker ect..

Have fun

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