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Introduction to Hypnosis with Michael Carroll/ Eriksonian Hypnosis and Transformational Change with Stephen Gilligan (May 2012)
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Having completed the NLP Premier Practitioner course in March 2012 it was great to get a reboot of the Milton side of the NLP world.

There is a lot of material to understand in the world of NLP and with my intention being to become a personal consultant/ therapeutic coach/ agent of change, this requires some serious time, diligence and work on one’s own self before being effective in a positive way with other people. For when we engage with a client it is both parties that bring their shit to the table. And that is what I like specifically about the New Code: it is concerned with the state of the practitioner and not just about the client. This notion also aligns with other therapeutic models including hypnosis and this paradigm was reinforced on these 2 courses.
I find this important because I have studied many therapies over the years and was going to become a psychotherapist but decided to do New/Classic Code NLP and Eriksonian Hypnosis change work instead (well, for now).

Also a return to the NLPA allowed me to put forward any personal concerns and questions regarding technique and/or ability and by the end of the course these were either answered directly or indirectly as the course unfolded. It is a great feeling and extremely important to feel supported in one’s development.

I came away with a deeper understanding of not just Eriksonian hypnosis but also NLP as a whole with not just Michael Carroll and Stephen Gilligan’s insights and teachings but also with people on the course. 

Introduction to Hypnosis with Michael Carroll:

This course was clear, fun, interesting and we had plenty of time to practise the core elements of Eriksonian hypnosis. It showed me the importance of mirroring and retaining state, gave me more of a deeper understanding of Milton Erikson and his language, increased my confidence and I met some really good people and secured a few contacts.

Eriksonian Hypnosis and Transformational Change with Stephen Gilligan:

After a very practical and coherent installation by Michael (which sided strongly with my type of thinking) nothing prepared me for what hit me and increased in intensity with Stephen Gilligan.

This was deep shit. This was not just hypnosis. This was shamanic trance magic!

Gilligan has taken Eriksonian hypnosis to another level. He has not forgotten his ancestors and the mammoth journey life has been on since the beginning of time (humans) and before.

On this course we learnt magic but magic with science and this is where the title: ‘Structure of Magic’ is significant and from an anthropological view as well as a therapeutic one it was unexpected and basically fucking awesome. I had had certain glimpses at this being the case with NLP but here there were no glimpses just full blown peaking. Through Gilligan’s teaching the ancient was blended with the modern and BOOM!

I left the course with the confidence to jump into NLP and hypnotherapy techniques without too much concern as to strict rules and method because I learnt that when in session these things unfold as they will. Fuck expectations.

Ok, one rule:

Relax and let your unconscious lead you.

Like in the Count of Monte Cristo you just have to take the leap off the cliff into the waters of the unknown.

‘Take it easy baby,
Take it as it comes.’ - J.Morrison

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