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I’ve been doing NLP for a few years now without too much success on myself. I have read and heard lots of the giants of NLP say that kinesthetic isn’t really a trigger but a result of a picture or audio trigger so look for those. Before NLP I had no idea that I made pictures in fact my visual sense while improved I can now add colour is not my strongest sense. However I kept working on myself visualising events and as I’ve explained nothing worthwhile worked. I believe Erickson always thought that being on the same side as constructed it couldn’t be the trigger.

I recently used kinesthetic as the trigger it was amazing everything was so easy I have been on a high for a while it feels like I’m on drugs I can change my state and keep it the same way for hours. I had a bad memory of an event which would keep coming up and I was sure I didn’t look up to see a picture. I tend to walk with my head down and think and chat to myself in my head. I walk a lot. I would be in an ok mood then suddenly I would change and get annoyed and upset. I tried moving the picture, the submodalities the place of the picture swishing the picture nothing would work.

Then I found where the feeling was coming from it was like a line from the feeling in my chest and the emotion to the picture. I brought up a desirable emotion again it is a feeling I have and the picture is on the end of the line. I moved the feeling and everything changed. I have the great feeling and then the line takes me to the picture but I don’t need to go to the picture I’m happy with the feeling.

Any thoughts would be appreciated but it is so brilliant instead of going so often in to bad feelings I now stay in a confident happy state for at the moment anyway as long as I want

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Congratulations on finding what worked for you.

In our work at the Academy we pay great attention to bodily sensations, as these are direct signals from the unconscious mind.

Every client I have ever worked with has had a strong kinesthetic sensation when in the context they want more resources or a difference of experience. It sounds like this is working for you, keep up the good work!!

PS: When studying NLP it is common to gain greater awarenss of all three Rep systems particuarly greater awareness in your non dominant system.

Have a great day.

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