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Why would I want to spend two weeks of my own time, unpaid, to keep the training venue tidy and clear up after 60 odd people? (That should be 60-odd, meaning around 60 and not 60 people who were odd;-P ).

I was asked this several times whilst at this amazing course over the last two weeks.

Let me sum it up with a metaphor (Where did I learn that?) and remember as John G said on a number of occasions over the last two weeks

[                          “Everything is an example of something else”

I have one of the big old Church of England Churches at the bottom of my road. You know the ones that always have a catchy phrase on a sign out the front? For example, a while back it read

“7 Days without God makes one weak”,

it made me chuckle if nothing else.

Well, I was driving past not so long ago and they had changed it to

                            ” To master life you need to spend time with the Master”.

This has to be the best training on the planet. Am I right or am I right?

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