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NLP for Treating a Child’s Mental Disorder?
Posted: 11 May 2015 02:30 AM   [ Ignore ]
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My adopted daughter (had her since she was 3 months old) has a very complex mental/emotional disorder that was most likely caused by prenatal drug exposure.  She’s almost 14 now.  For the last 13 years, we’ve been in a living hell dealing with the anger, violence, destruction, physical and emotional pain caused by her behavior and rages.  Please don’t discount this issue and suggest any “normal” parenting advice.  We have three other children who are perfectly well behaved and have excellent self-control and discipline.  This is an extreme and serious issue.  She’s been hospitalized and has been in a couple of institutional home environments and is a mystery to the local mental health community.  The best diagnosis is generic mood disorder or oppositional defiance disorder.  85% of the time she’s just a weird kid and that’s ok.  The other 15% is horrible… think of what you’ve read or seen about past cultures thinking that an adult or child is possessed by an evil spirit and this is the other 15%.  It takes 3 grown men to restrain her during a rage.

Anyway, she’s a brilliant girl and now that she’s older, she can communicate fine (unless you talk about feelings), she has a great imagination, does really well in her modified classroom setting, etc, etc.  To see her, you’d just think she was immature and hyper at times.

The core of the issue seems to be an underlying and intense, seething anger that just “slips out” at times.  This happens within a second or two without warning.  No build up or triggers to try modifying.  She also does something that I call “time traveling” She anticipates what is about to happen (usually wrong and negative) and then waaay over-reacts to what she *thinks* is going to happen… oftnn creating a self-fulling prophecy of sorts.

Do you think NLP can help and/or are there subtle things I can do as a Dad on a regular basis to help re-train her mind under the radar or maybe very obvious things that I might be able to talk her into practicing herself?

Desperately need help with this.  She’s coming home from the residential therapy treatment that she’s in right now and everyone in our family is terrified of what life will be like when she returns.


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Hi Bill
I appreciate that it’s been a while since you posted your question, but I’ll answer just in case you still need help.

The seething anger that slips out within a second or two, may well be changed, by a thing in new code NLP called ‘Sanctuary’.  Sanctuary is designed to give people who’s state changes so quickly that they do not believe that they have a choice about it, much more choice about it.
I suggest that you find a very experienced new code NLP coach that has used Sanctuary many times.  Such a couch could almost certainly help your daughter.
Good luck.

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Personally I think NLP is great and it must help for children to overcome challenges such as anxiety, phobias, poor sleep and mental disorder. It important to realize that who is your NLP Trainers and how much effort they put in helping a person realize their true potential using NLP.

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