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NLP Trainers Training: definitely not for ‘wimps’!!
Posted: 04 October 2010 11:31 PM   [ Ignore ]
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On a warm September evening in 2008, I sat in a training room located at the centre of the universe.  It was the third time I had attended a practice group at the NLP Academy and I was becoming increasingly intrigued with this ‘New Code’ stuff:  it seemed so cutting edge, so elegant and such fun! 

On that particular evening, Michael Carroll was asking delegates what their experience of NLP was, and how they were applying it in their lives.  When it was my turn to speak, I briefly described my experience as a coach and NLP practitioner, and then (to my surprise) heard myself saying that my intention was to become an NLP trainer.  Not just any NLP trainer, but one who is technically competent, fully congruent and one who is able to command credibility and respect in the NLP community (and, critically, one that is able to give real added value to the customer!) 

Deciding where to invest my hard-earned dosh was a ‘no-brainer’:  Michael’s partnership with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic-Sinclair has ensured that we have access to one of the most technically excellent NLP trainers trainings on the planet.  Just look at the list of delegates who attend and the countries they represent.  People are drawn from across the globe to attend this programme, and it is a real privilege to work with such a richly diverse group.

Make no mistake, though, this is by no means an ‘easy’ programme and you will not get a certificate for just turning up.  But this is the reason why I wanted to attend this particular programme.  I want to earn my stripes, to prove I can be one of the best, to be tested and challenged and forced out of my ‘comfort zone’.  Was this a challenging programme?  Oh, yes!!  Probably the most challenging I have ever experienced.  But I learned so much about my ability to cope with ambiguity and my own limitations and strengths.  At times, I found myself considerably challenged both personally and technically but learned I had considerable emotional resilience and was able to give and receive high quality, objective feedback to aid my own development, and the development of others. 

What I have only recently come to appreciate, however, is that this training operates very subtly and elegantly at multiple levels and there are always a number of intentions being met in each session.  The programme has also been crafted to create contexts for discovery which accelerate the learning process.  This is pivotal in the development of fully congruent world-class trainers. 

Would I recommend this trainers training to others?  Well, all I can say is “the trainers training is like Marmite…..” so you know that you’ll have to make up your own minds about this, don’t you?!

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