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A Venezuelan old NLP Master Practitioner and organizational consultant.
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In 1996 I travelled to boulder, Colorado to first, take a course with John Grinder; and, afterward, go to the Colorado Mountains with NLP Comprehensive, for one month, until I got my Master Practitioner.  Two years later Iwen back to Denver, Colorado to attend the program of the Trainers Training with Lara Ewing and Gerry Smith. All these years I have been doing consulting for companies in Latin America and Venezuela, and training and coaching managers and supervisors in leadership and Communication with NLP. I previuosly got my Ph.D. In Communication from the UW-Madison, Wisconsin, in 1980. A few years later I attended a seminar with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Claire in Caracas.
Iam very pleased to be part of this group at the NLP Academy Forums.
Fausto Izcaray

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