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Stephen Covey R.I.P

Yesterday world famous author and teacher Stephen Covey died aged 79. Stephen was the author of many books, the leader of many seminars, webinars and products that inspired millions around the world. His best known work was the book ‘seven habits of highly effective people’  that was for many the first self help book they had ever read and the gateway to success in their family, personal and professional life’s.

The Seven habits are:

-Be Proactive
-Begin with the end of mind
-Put first things first
-Think Win, Win
-Seek first to understand and then be understood
-Sharpen the saw

It’s a great book and model which has sold over 25 million books around the world and if you haven’t read it before I highly recommend doing so. The key in my opinion is to decipher what works best for you out of this model, what you do well already and what you feel you could improve.
Stephen died peacefully at hospital on the 16/7/2012 surrounded by his family.  His legacy will live on through his 9 children and 52 grandchildren and all the individuals he inspired who in turn would take the changes from his concepts to their families, friends and colleagues, the great circle of change.



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