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Trainers Training post course email

I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying settling back into the Centre of your universe. Here in Croydon we are collating all the feedback for participants of the ‘NLP in the Sun experience’ and planning the out 2013 Spanish events. I was only present for the evaluation stage of the course, it was a pleasure to observe such high quality in action and connect with you all.

As you know, Michael, John and Carmen encourage people to join them on the mentoring plan and New Code Trainers Training to further develop training skills for real world application, learn the new code and receive direct mentoring from them. This is an excellent opportunity for further development. The special Trainers Training price expires tomorow for this course.
In addition Michael will be leading a Business Practitioner available to you at half price as well as a hypnosis certification. See the links below
Thanks again Barbara for joining us in Murcia, it was an absolute delight to work with you and looking forward to more adventures with you in the future
Warm regards

Jack Carroll
+44 (0) 20 8686 9952
Business NLP Practitioner (modular): 25 - 28 October, 22 - 25 November, 13 - 16 December
With Michael Carroll
Investment: £2799 + VAT (£3358.80) + £150 certification
Special Trainers Training price: £1250 + VAT (£1500)

Mentoring and New Code Trainers Training: 3 - 18 March 2013
With John Grinder, Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic St Clair
Investment: £2598 + VAT (£3117.60)
Special Trainers Training price: £1899 + VAT (£2278.80)

Hypnosis Certification (modular): 13 - 18 April, 17 - 19 May
With Michael Carroll
Investment: £2499 + VAT (£2998.80) + £150 certification
Special Trainers Training price: £999 + VAT (£1198.80)

To book please call the office +44 (0) 20 8686 9952, These special offers are available until tomorow.


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  • This would count as one of the most influential weeks of my life. It has introduced and opened many new possibilities.

    Rachel Marks
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