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TimeLines emerged in NLP in the early 1980s. TimeLines emerged through different sources. Leslie Cameron Bandler while researching NLP Meta Programs made the distinction in people who are “Through Time” and others who are “In Time” (see NLP Meta Programs). John Grinder and Robert Dilts (through separate and independent research) developed the idea of a spatial TimeLine, where people walked backwards into representations from the past and forwards into representations of the future. The spatial TimeLine is a powerful metaphor for linear (temporal) association of memories. The spatial TimeLine forms the basis of powerful NLP interventions designed to resolve limiting beliefs and situations with heavy emotional content, which are past-memory driven.

Richard Bandler began working with the concept of a visually orientated TimeLine where the client visualises the past in one direction from their body and the future in another direction. The client then visualises themselves floating above the TimeLine into the past creating a V/K dissociation from events to resolve issues.  The client also floats out into the future to future pace change. Tad James together with Wyatt Woodsmall further developed the work with visual TimeLines and created a set of patterns called Time Line Therapy.

Time and our perception of time is a powerful filter at both F1 and F2. The F1 neurological transforms can speed up or slow down events at FA. F2 transforms, over time, regularly update, transform and twist past orientated representations. We are fooled by ourselves that our representations from the past (memories) are real, and we get caught up in the content of such representations. 

We will use Time-Line Re-Patterning in this course to work with the metaphors of the past, and we will use TimeLines, both spatial and visual, as a means of letting the unconscious mind feed representations to our conscious mind as metaphors for healing and moving on from significant events where impasses are occurring.

Michael Carroll observed a lot of people in the field, who were using TimeLines in a consciously led way while imposing content. This same group of people had isolated TimeLine as their primary intervention which was limiting to both the client and practitioner.

Michael Carroll brought together the key techniques in TimeLine and cleaned them up so they utilise unconscious processes and are content free. This work is called TimeLine Re-Patterning.

source nlp practitioner manual, nlp academy

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06 November, 2012 - 12:15pm

Nice article, thanks smile



26 November, 2015 - 7:57pm

Dr. Alex,Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a wonderful call.  So full of useufl information and so fast acting when used with the code(s). In a day of get all you can, as fast as you can, at any expense it is so refresing to come across someone who is truthfully trying to help us.  Your book-very inexpensive-your freebies that you give out to those who buy the book (we need to learn the story and the code(s)) and the free weekly Wednesday webcast/phone call, and the Thursday Q&A, all would indicate that Love is driving you.  So THANK YOU.Thank you so much for being one of the very few out there (as far as I have been able to find) who is actually addressing the only real issue life at the spiritual level our spirituality!  Every talk show host, practitioner, guru, wants to teach us how to get rich, wealthy, etc. as if that is the real secret to this life and its joys. You on the other hand have been a breath of fresh air in this otherwise smog filled arena.  I am new to your story and the Healing Code, but the thing that struck me the most was the way that you got the codes.  When you were at the end of your rope, and totally desperate for an answer as to how to help your precious sweetheart, you finally gave up (after 12 years!) and fully trusted in God alone to provide for Tracey.  I remember a saying about trusting the Lord (God’s law) with all your heart, and not to lean upon your own understanding, in everything acknowledge God, and then He would direct your path.  I see the evidence of that happening with how you received the Code.  Thank you for finally getting to that position. I have known for many years that first and foremost, all physical issues are spiritual issues that are unresolved. We are after all, spirit beings and if we don’t address and neutralize those issues at our true level, those issues will eventually manifest at the physical level as some dis-ease or other problem. Today, we are hearing from every corner about this seminar, or that webcast, or a world event featuring guru’s, teachers, and even so called masters.  It has been my experience over the past 40 years, that the true test of any program, teaching, or life path is simply this as a true Master once gave us By their fruits ye shall know them.  It is my belief that no one is a master unless he can walk the talk.  That eliminates almost all the teachers out there.  It is my humble opinion, based on simple observation, that we have more than enough teachers, preachers, guru’s and so-called masters.  What I have been seeking for the better part of my life is a WALKER. A humble MASTER who can prove by his life and actions that he has indeed mastered the laws that govern the natural forces, and is now is possession of that Power that flows to such a one.I have known such beings, and continue to seek out others, and modalities that help us all to progress towards our own high and lofty truth.  You, your Code(s), the Wednesday and Thursday calls, the free archived replays, and your every day life speak volumes as to the true understanding of Life that you have.From the very depths of my soul, I solute you and your work.  God bless you and those who are assisting you.Love and Peace,


  • Without a doubt the best NLP I have ever experienced. It has been both a personal and Professional Breakthrough for me and re-awakened my passion for learning more – and NLP Academy gives the best environment to do so!

    Terry McCoy
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