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The Butterfly Effect: Picking up momentum

I am writing this blog from the Club Lounge of the five star Intercontinental Hotel on the Island of Malta. I am here enjoying a week in the sun with my two youngest children.  This blog is a continuation of my last blog on the theme of the Butterfly Effect. That is how the smallest change can have the biggest effect on your life. The notion of the Butterfly Effect comes from chaos theory where it has been calculated that one beat of a butterfly’s wing can begin a chain of events that ultimately lead to a tornado thousands of miles away. Great stuff you might say, but how is that relevant to personal development?

As I said in my last blog, when I broke my leg 25 years ago, I pushed hard against the doctors’ decision to treat me in traction. This gave me a change of attitude and when I left hospital a different zest for life.  I decided to change career. Around the same time I discovered how my unconscious mind communicated with me. I didn’t know much about the unconscious mind back then but I was developing a high awareness of sensations in my solar plexus – which I now know to be unconscious signals.

I thought a sales career could be good for me, possibly in the financial services sector. I self studied finance and five months after breaking my leg I was attending interviews on my crutches. I went for lots of jobs, but none of them seemed quite right and I didn’t experience the signal in my solar plexus that was becoming so reliable at letting me know when something was right for me. I was beginning to think maybe financial services sales was not right for me. One afternoon I attended an interview where everything seemed to fall into place. This was certainly a butterfly effect moment.  I clicked with the interviewer, the right words came to me, and YES, I got the feeling in my solar plexus. I thought this is the job for me, it has to be. Yes, I got the job and went off on the training course.

The first day of official work, was a day that will be forever etched in my memory. Fresh out of our course we nervously took to our desks and began to phone prospective clients.  This was nerve wracking and very different from the course.  Anyway, while some of the new recruits excused themselves for many visits to the toilet, I got on the phone and began the job in hand. It wasn’t long before I had made my first appointment and what’s more the appointment was for that very same day. Excitedly, I told the experienced people in the office that I had made my first appointment for that afternoon. These experienced people did not recognise the irony that they had made no phone calls or appointments when they laughed cynically and said ‘you shouldn’t make an appointment for the same day son, you look too keen’  Their cynicism didn’t deter me, that feeling was in my solar plexus and I was on a roll, I continued with my phone calls.

Now it was time to meet a client for real, and it’s fair to say I was more than a little nervous. I overcame my nerves, met the client and began my presentation.  The feeling was electric when 45 minutes later, I had signed up my first client. I went back to the office so excited that I had made a sale. The cynical old boys hadn’t moved, they were still drinking coffee. With somewhat gritted teeth they told me that my first sale was ‘beginners luck’.  The great thing was that in that August of 1986, I experienced beginners luck 28 times and was the number one sales person in the company – in my first month.

The beginners luck continued because four years later, I bought the company. If you would like to experience more of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ in your life and develop your levels of awareness with your unconscious and click this link Butterfly Effect

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